As a taxi company owner or manager it is vital that your fleet is working at fully capacity, whether it be your own vehicle or an owner-driver. If a driver has been in a non-fault accident and is off the road, this could result in losing jobs, losing a contract and losing that driver’s settle/radio fees.

Countrywide Vehicle Rentals can provide your drivers with a like-for-like vehicle, plated and delivered within hours. This will enable the driver to get back on the road straight away and avoid your company losing jobs, contracts and settle radio fees.

Skoda SuperbWe offer a complete service to drivers which include:

  • Replacement like-for-like taxi delivered within hours
  • Recovery of the damaged vehicle
  • Safe and secure storage of the damaged vehicle
  • No need to utilise own insurance policy – no excess to pay, no loss of no claims bonus
  • Independent engineer inspection of the damaged vehicle
  • Recovery of vehicle repair costs or total loss value from third party (at fault) insurers
  • Liaising with third party and third party insurers
  • Recovery of uninsured losses
  • Repairs at a garage of your choice or arrangement of repairs through approved repairers
  • Liaise with the third party (at fault) insurers to pay the hire charges
  • 24/7 support

The above services are also available for your company if any of your company cars are involved in non-fault accidents.

If you would like to discuss working with Countrywide Vehicle Rentals, please call us on 0800 29 44 118 or email